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On the wonderful Emerald coasts of Sardinia, surrounded by wilderness and animated by liveliness of so many curious explorers, we will offer you a wonderful experience that brings together from water sports to entrepreneurship tools and personal growth, a multitude of dreams on the way to becoming true.


Everyone has a role in it.


We are all about FUN-LEARNing times!? So if you are all too serious and only about working (in the middle of the summer!?), we’ll have to figure out something - during the day we are all in for activities, during the evening we unleash the fun factor.

what you love

We are all about offering the best experiences tailored in a way that it resembles the local culture, tradition, treasures in order to meet your dreams.

Our aim is to bring alternative learning approaches blended with fun, and Sardinia shares all the ingredients with us.

Your adventure begins here

As part of our summer dream in Sardinia experience, you’ll have up to 14 days to make the most of your time and explore some of the most iconic landscapes and cities in the world. You know that roadtrip you’ve always dreamed about? This is your chance to do it.

Sardinia = D.H. Lawrence, said in his 1921 Sea and Sardinia: ‘Sardinia is out of time and history’ and we follow his words literally, adding Shakespeare's fantasy to organise the best summer camp that you can dream of!’    Welcome to Summer Dream.

Summer Dream…dream = a person or thing perceived as wonderful or perfect. What is it that you dream for the summer to come? Let the dream come to reality, join our Shakespearean midsummer night’s dream. A Summer Dream that first happened in 2014 and ever since, as a recurrent dream is happening every August, in Sardinia.


In San Theodoro it was the must amazing trip I ever had the people there was really nice I met great people there. The activities the team did was so fun and good. Hopefully next time I be able to go to a trip like this.

Thanks to the team there!


Summer Dream has been an amazing experience for me. I’ve spent many unforgettable moments with great people in a beautiful place. I left some part of my heart in San Teodoro where I will willingly come back in the future. Memories made during Summer Dream will stay with me forever.


Summer Dream was one of the projects that impressed me the most. It was great to share my opinion with the other participants about important topics that we covered during workshops. Seeing point of view of the others

We planned (included in price):
  • Snorkeling
  • Intro to Diving
  • Coaching Tools Activity
  • Leadership Skills
  • Activity
  • Social Innovation
  • Trip to Cala Gonone

*Those activities run half a day up to 13:30 activities on coaching, leadership, planning, talent development, personal branding.
  • Breakfast & Dinner Included
  • Accommodation (tent, access to fridge & light)

How does a day look like?

We can support you with planning
(not included in price)
  • Flights
  • Getting to San Teodoro
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Boat trip/rental
  • Nights Out (that we believe you manage between yourselves easier)

8:00-10:00 Breakfast
10:00-14:00 Activities (Leadership, Coaching, Snorkeling, Diving, etc)
14:00 onwards - self-organised activities - beach sports, boat trips, hiking, trips, etc.

Max 35 places available

Price €689

For a detailed plan of activities, just contact us

Come with your friend/partner/colleague and get 10% off