Meet our experts.
Meet the team.

Each of us have been to Summer Dream so we can vouch, first hand, how awesome a summer you’re going to have.

We believe Summer Dream can change your life… well, it did for all of us. And we will go the extra mile to make your journey as easy, fun and smooth as possible.

We’re here to make your summer of a lifetime.

We are young, eager, passionate about making the world a better place we want to live in, we are focused and enjoying life to the best of it. For us it is for understanding what “back to nature” means, but integrating the modern ways of being and living as well (who doesn’t want to communicate faster, use planes, or dive deep into the sea?…you can continue asking those question). Our perspectives are crossing path with the most sustainable approaches to life, using technology, or rudimentar methods but making our living experience as pleasant as possible.

We all met through Mine Vaganti NGO, a hub for European Project Designing and Management, Education and Training, Sports. Roberto and Maria laid the foundation of this Dream that keeps recurring and for now we are looking to put together the best experiences for your summer in Sardinia.


He is the mastermind behind the strategy and the concept of MVNGO and in charge of all the financial aspects. Roberto is also leading the website and the social media coverage of MVNGO.

As director of the Project Management Section, he is the responsible of writing all the project proposals of MVNGO thanks to his wide expertise in different field such us social entrepreneurship, intercultural dialogue, environmental issue and sport as a tool for inclusion, for instance. He is in charge of developing the transcontinental network of MVNGO.

Since 2012, he coordinates the main activities of MVNGO in the sport field.


She coordinates the main activities of MVNGO in the field of hosting Vocational Training, ESC and Youth Mobility.

She established, on behalf of the NGO, all the local and international partnerships ensuring an high-quality mobility period for our participants.  She is responsible of the online and offline marketing campaigning of the NGO.

She was the official trainer of several events.

Roberto Solinas, President- Executive Director

The Summer Dream concept, born in 2013, had as aim to offer youngsters an amazing and funny experience in our worderful island of Sardinia, every august; nowadays the concept developed in set of offers which MVNGO and external partners and professionals want to offer to different target groups: the dream has just begun!

Maria Grazia Pirina, Vice Executive Director

Summer Dream MVNGO has the function to connect us to the private sector, giving us the freedom to develop collateral business and dream about something different to offer valorizing our island.