Summer Dream…dream = “to see or imagine in sleep or in a vision”.

What is it that you dream for this summer?

Let the dream come true

join our Shakespearean midsummer night’s dream.
Summer Dream is recurring since 2014 and ever since on the Emerald Coast of Sardinia.
17-24 August 2024

You will join: International Group, Beach Parties, Personal Development Activities, Water Sports.

Open for all students, young professionals to meet in an international environment. Only 35 places available.

Book by May 15 for a 5% discount. Come with your friend/partner/colleague and get 10% off.




have participated in 5 Summer Dream editions in a row. Since 2016, every summer has been marked with amazing moments spent in San Teodoro among open-minded people from all-over the world. To me, there is something magical about this project, filled with good vibes, happiness, sunshine, fun and learning from each other in non-formal situations. I have so many wonderful memories to which I keep on coming back. Summer Dream is the kind of addiction! I am looking forward to participating in the next editions of the project.  


Kinga, Poland 





Summer Dream? My impressions are in the name itself. It’s not only about meeting new people with different stories and backgrounds, but also sharing all of these in the heart of nature. Personally, the surroundings really helped me to integrate faster in the activities and the teams, which led all of us to deep discussion and better understanding. Thank you Summer Dream! 


Ludmila, Moldova 





I participated in the Summer Dream project during my volunteering in Sardinia. SD was instructive doubly for me. First of all, as a historian used to formal education, SD taught me non–formal education methods. Secondly, I realized that despite different cultural backgrounds, we can find common language and understanding through discussing and learning from each others’ experiences. I benefited from Summer Dream both personally and professionally 


Bahattin, Turkey 



Summer Dream was the highlight of my summer in Sardinia. All the participants were amazing and we had a really nice cooperation and mutual understanding. I am glad that I met so many people with such interesting backgrounds, we had fun but we also learned a lot from each other. Due to COVID restrictions we couldn’t do plenty of things outside the place we were staying but we all did our best to have the best time! I hope to see everyone again soon in the next edition of Summer Dream! 


Eleni, Greece 


Summer Dream was one of the best integration events in which I participated. Personally, I left for the project with many stereotypes such as being a migrant, a black person among the whole group and I ended up with a strong bond of friendship. We learned a lot about non-formal education, about art as a vehicle of inclusion, as a tool to fight prejudices and stereotypes. We also had the opportunity, as a caring and culturally aware team, to explore the natural beauty of San Teodoro. Through the Summer Dream, we learnt a lot, dreaming of a world where everyone can be included and not segregated for their culture, skin color, origin or religion. Summer Dream forever! 


Aboubacar, Republic of Guinea 





Summer Dream in San Teodoro has been a fruitful experience of one week. I spent all those days with ‘strangers’ sharing daily life, activities, food, intense talks and interests is the best site of the event. The group of participants and organizers was a melting pot of nationalities and backgrounds, the perfect environment to grow and open your mind. 


Fabio, Italy 




For me, the Summer Dream was what the name itself says – it was full of sunny weather, active participants and interesting life stories and points of view. I remember meaningful workshops and discussions during the day, insights on personal stories and long conversations at night, on the beach, while stargazing. We had a chance to connect with each other through learning, teaching and exchanging opinions, but also to present ourselves and our cultures. I loved every moment of it as it was enriching educationally, professionally and personally.