Here’s what our community says about their experience

Kinga Hodor

Summer Dream has been an amazing experience for me. I’ve spent many unforgettable moments with great people in a beautiful place. I left some part of my heart in San Teodoro where I will willingly come back in the future. Memories made during Summer Dream will stay with me forever.

Ζeynel Aslan

Hello! I am Zeynel and I am 27 years old .I have joined so many erasmus+ projects since now, I have participated to many projects. But I can say that I have participated in a project related to the topic and a best selected project place among all those . All the things that I have experienced health and active youth was a huge experience and I can say totally that the project was great to develop for increasing the professional development of the people. I feel blessed and lucky that I have experienced this and I thank to everyone as well as champions factory who put effort in this project.

Ζakariya Mahtout

In San Theodoro it was the must amazing trip I ever had the people there was really nice I met great people there. The activities the team did was so fun and good. Hopefully next time I be able to go to a trip like this.

Thanks to the team there!

Magdalena Prorok

I participated in project in San Teodoro, it was first project which I was attended. I liked it very much. It was amazing experience. I had opportunity to met a lot of people from few counties, therefore I also got know about their country, especially about the tourism what was topic of this project. We spend time together and had a lot of fun. It was wonderful time in beautiful place. If you only have chance to take part in – don’t hesitate 🙂

Justyna Kowalska

Summer Dream was one of the projects that impressed me the most. It was great to share my opinion with the other participants about important topics that we covered during workshops. Seeing point of view of the others

Nikolay Karagyozov

I really enjoyed my time on this project. Not only was the location great, but also the people were amazing. I met some great characters that I hope to reunite with someday, hopefully when I return for another exchange.

Wioleta Mikos

In a picturesque location of San Teodoro I have experienced one of the best Erasmus+ projects in my life!
In this little paradise, I enjoyed living by the sea with inspiring people from all over Europe and learning with them during the activities.
The host organisation made us feel comfort and team spirit almost instantly! It’s a great way to have a fun and fulfilling summer experience.
I would recommend joining Summer Dream to all of my friends!

Angel Karastoyanov

I want to say that I’m really glad that I was part of this amazing project in San Teodoro. I was unforgettable experience and I meet amazing people. Thank you for everything to the host organization, they did really good job!

I was the photographer at the Healthy and active youth exchange held in San Teodoro, Italy and even though it was not my first project of this kind it was definitely one of the best ones. The organisation, the location, the people, it was all great. I really hope I’ll have the opportunity to go there again.